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Zirconium CrownZirconium Crown

Zirconium Crown


The importance of dental aesthetics in dentistry is increasing day by day. Thanks to the developing new technologies, aesthetic dental applications come to the fore. Today, metal-supported porcelains, which have been used for many years to cover teeth with crowns, are now being replaced by zirconium-based porcelains. Zirconium dental veneers provide a much more aesthetic appearance than the old metal tooth veneer applications, thanks to their ability to transmit light. In addition, the compatibility of zirconium dental crowns with the gingiva is very good. Unlike metal-supported veneers, they do not cause any disease or allergic problem in the gums.

In porcelains with zirconium substructure, zirconium, a white alloy, is used instead of metal as substructure. Zirconium-based porcelains are both natural and aesthetic enough to be used on anterior teeth and resistant enough to be used on posterior teeth. Therefore, zirconium-based porcelains can be safely preferred for anterior and posterior teeth.

Why should zirconium porcelains be preferred?

  • Thanks to the light transmittance properties of zirconium-based porcelains, a full compatibility with natural teeth can be achieved. In this way, an excellent aesthetic result can be obtained.
  • Since there is no metal reflection underneath, the artificial appearance seen in porcelains with metal infrastructure does not occur.
  • Gingival compatibility is much better than classical metal-based porcelains. Gingival discoloration, which is frequently seen in metal-based porcelain, is definitely not visible in zirconium.
  • Since it is a 99% tissue-friendly material, it is not allergic. It is more advantageous in terms of general body health compared to metal supported prostheses.
  • Since the heat insulation feature is very good, they transmit less heat to the tooth than porcelain with metal base. In this way, hot/cold sensitivity does not occur in teeth with zirconium-based porcelain applied.
  • Thanks to their high resistance of 900-1200 megapascals, they can also be used safely on the teeth in the posterior regions.
  • Excellent aesthetic results can be achieved even on very dark colored teeth, as it has the ability to mask the tooth color coming from below.
  • Since they are produced with a very sensitive work, they are perfectly compatible with the cut tooth surface. In this way, since there is no gap between the zirconium porcelain and the tooth where bacteria can leak, it does not allow the formation of caries.
  • They are healthy materials that do not cause impaired taste in the mouth, gum problems and bad breath.
  • They can be used safely on both anterior and posterior teeth.